Monday, October 22, 2007


So I'm in a rush to get going to a knitting meetup tonight, but I noticed that I haven't posted for a while as well as I wanted to thank my secret pal publicly despite not having pics of my second package that will come when I have some free time!

Thank you Secret Pal!!!! My secret pal send me two hanks of Butterfly 10 in the spring colourway. She said it's enough for a tank top, but it goes well with a yummy brown hank of B10 I have so I have to find a pattern to knit them up together. I wonder if it's enough for a Tomato? I'll have to check later. My Cables and Os cardi from the same book, No Sheep for You is coming along nicely btw. Also with the yarn was pound ( I think...) of some very tasty espresso beans! I LURRVVVEEE coffee just as much as tea :-D Pics to come in the future stay tuned.

What's on my needles

  • cables and os cardi - progress is going slowly, but I'm loving it!
  • 1st year ravenclaw scarf (my own pattern) for mini-me who is going to be Cho Chang for Halloween
What's off my needles
  • yet another pair of socks! I finished the Broadripple socks from Knitty that I'm calling Muddy Bumblebee. I love these socks, cascade fixation is super comfy; however next time I knit this pattern, which I'm sure I will, I will go a needle size down to have a denser fabric.
That's it for now and once life stops being so frackin' busy I'll get some pictures up! Happy Knitting in the meantime and for all those out there I'm still updating Ravelry on a regular basis my user name is nosheep4chelle.