Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Socktober!

Well it's that time of year again. It's Socktober Fest Month and so far I have managed to complete two pairs of socks! I finished a pair of socks made from Berry Sherbet Cascade Fixation. The pattern is Ribbed Fixation Socks and next time I use this pattern I'm going to use smaller needles because the socks are a little too big for me.

Also I finished my Monkey Sock Swap Pal's socks! They are knit in Panda Cotton in the kiwi-mango. I love Cookie A's Monkey socks and I will probably knit many more of these socks :-D I have named these socks jungle monkey camo socks because the way this colourway pools it looks like camouflage.

Now for more socks that are on the needles. I haven't worked on my two up socks (see the Aloha toe ups post) and I will be taking these along to my knitting meetup tonight since they are no brain knitting. I am working on a second Broadripple sock in fixation colourway I like to call muddy bumblebee, I can't recall the real name nor number of the colourway. If you are on Ravelry you can find all the info on my project page - I'm nosheep4chelle). For all of you out there who haven't gotten your invite yet or those who just don't want to be part of the Ravelry "hype" (trust me, it's worth all the hype it has gotten and more!) I'll update with the full info once I'm finished the socks. I don't have a picture of the completed sock yet, but here's a picture of it right after I finished the gusset.

More socks to come and all other projects are now on hold till the end of Socktober and then it's on to NaNoSweMo yep for my first sweater I'm going to not only knit the Central Park Hoodie, but I'm going to knit it in a month! Or at least try to stay tuned...