Monday, December 3, 2007

I survived NaKniSweMo and all I got was this..

frackin' beautiful cozy sweater!!!!!!!!1
Here's some pics of my CPH all finished (minus the wooden toogles for enclosures)

CPH back

Central Park Hoodie - From Knitscene Fall 2006
Designer - Heather Lodinsky
Started November 1, 2007
Finished November 29, 2007
Knitted for myself as part of NaKniSweMo
yarn Cascade Pima Tencel in Moss
Yarn used approx. 10.5 skeins = 1260.0 yards (1152.1m)
Needles used size 3.7US 5) and 4.5 mm (US 7)
Thoughts :
My next CPH (yes, I'm planning to knit another one. I luuurrvveee this sweater) I want use Tatamy Tweed WW, just need to chose the colour and buy the yarn! Also the sleeves a litte tighter because I knit tighter in the round but after a little wear it seems fine