Monday, December 3, 2007

Tea to save the day!!

I got my Ravelry cup'a'tea swap package in the mail today!! It brightened up my mood after surviving a craptastic weekend. Our computer power supply is toasted again!! Plus we had snow all weekend, this is really strange weather for the Lower Mainland. Also I let Maylee play outside in the snow and while getting too close pond she fel in it! Wet, cold dog what fun! To add to the horribleness of it all, I had to frog the almost completed fern panda cotton monkey sock because I ran out of yarn after the first round of decreases at the toe! I frogged and restarted them and I'm using some black panda cotton on the cuff, heel and toe of both socks. Sigh, oh well they look pretty!

Thanks Randomthreads I love everything you sent. They were wrapped up so pretty that I didn't want to opeand Mini-me has stolen the pink eyecord that was used to wrap one of the packages To make life easier I'll list the goodies in a bulleted list as well as pictures below:

  • Adagio jasmine bloom tea (yummy enjoying some right now!)
  • Cinnamon Plum (black blended tea) and Republic Green Chai from The Republic of Tea (can't wait to try them)
  • cute tape measure with a butterfly smelling a rose on top
  • letter stitch markers to use with my New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book 1 from hide and sheep on etsy
  • tasty honey sticks to stir in tea
  • two balls of Maizy in sailor blue!
  • two balls of Maizy in Brick Bark!
  • sock-shaped point protectors :-D
  • cute kitty card, that didn' t sneeze :-)
  • beautiful calming sereni-tea mug with the definition inside the rim (n. the absence of stress while drinking tea), I've absolutely gotten some of that this afternoon!