Monday, June 11, 2007

New Home

I decided to change my blog name, so I started a new blog. I'm going to play around with this and see if I like it or stick with my old knitting blog.

I am a relatively new knitter, since I started knitting in November of last year. Even though I am a "new" knitter I have tackled lace, socks and next I'll be knitting my first sweater. I'm so happy to be a knitter now than many years ago because I suffer from allergies. I am allergic to animal fibers of any percentage and it's so easy to find non-animal fiber yarns now that is not icky acrylic.

I am from Vancouver, British Columbia and BC is known as a temperate rainforest. There is a reason why it is green and beautiful here, we get tons of rain. All and all it's worth it at times, especially because it gives you a great excuse to knit or read.

I go by my nickname Chelle, which is pronounced Shell. My other interests besides knitting is beach bumming, hiking in urban greenspaces, playing with my guide dog, relaxing with my family, reading, crocheting, eating (i'm a bit of a foodie) and watching movies especially anime.