Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Moving again!!

Hi all, I couldn't wait to move to my new home so I had to pick a winner for the mini-contest. Sorry to all those who were thinking of entering and didn't -- to late you lose. Seriously, come on over to the new blog with my all new screen and blog name. I will be hosting another contest fairly shortly as a blogwarming virtual door prize, so keep a look out there.

Come see who won the mini-contest and check out the new home. It's great I even have old, old crafting blog entries from my first blogger and LJ!! It means that I've had a separate crafting journal since June 2006!! Though I didn't start seriously entering in posts till I learned to knit, so there are a few crochet entries, but not enough for my liking. I wish I documented my crocheting as well as I have my knitting. I haven't stopped crocheting and started picking up my wonderful favourite hook from Papermonkey Knits from LJ secret pal many, many moons ago it's a Brittany Birch 5.omm and it's my preeeeecccious. Andrea is fabulous go say hi!

Again you can find me at my new home: