Friday, February 1, 2008

You could win this, no not the snow look closer ;-)

Well I've been knitting and crocheting up a storm here. Also dealing with a lot of snow! I'm a true Vancouverite and we are only used to visiting our snow, while up on the mountains. So when it snows here, the whole city and surrounding areas especially shut down. It is somewhat embarrassing that about 5-10 cm of snow is considered a snow day because the rest of our country goes on their daily lives when it snows even more than that, but we are very spoiled what can I say. Maylee had a blast though, she hasn't seen snow since she left Colorado for her formal guide dog training in San Rafael. She had so much fun crashing Mini-me's decapitated snow man with mini-me and I.

Did you know I'm having a mini-contest! (It's hidden in the middle of the entry) I even have a huge clue, yet only one "correct" entry answer! Common people don't you want to win this. That's right folks yummy sock yarn (I will sub CP Panda Cotton for those with wool allergies if needed) and Crazy Aunt Purl's book. A great funny read, plus there are patterns! I'm even letting you guess till you get it right. I will e-mail you when you post to tell you if you got the correct answer or not -- so what are you waiting for go and enter -- tell you friends if you tell them and they post saying you sent them you get entered in again. It's the way things work folks. I want to draw a winner soon and I want there to be more than one entrant!! Don't be shy and common and get guessing. I will be drawing a winner sometime in the next two weeks because I'm almost ready to show off the surprise :-)