Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm late as always, and a mini contest

Seems like lately I'm alway late for something. like meeting friends for lunch, knitting meetups, doctors appointments... However I have managed to stay on top of my knitting deadlines for swaps. I changed my mind yet again what I am making for my Loopy Ewe swap pal! Good thing is I'll make the deadline *wipes forehead* I am way ahead of schedule with my HSKS 4 pals bag, it's awesome!! I just need to finish the strap and get some fabric to line it. This is what I'm made in her house colours, LINK. I love fair isle! This is my first fair isle project and I finished the bag's body in less than three days!! I casted on late Friday afternoon and I finished it late Sunday night. What a fast and fun knit!! I really hope my pal likes it. I also have been making a whole bunch of knitted washclothes for me and my washcloth pal. I really, really wish there was more time in the day.

I also started my Secret of the Stole ii lace project. I had to frog it yesterday when Mini-me came in to bug me after me telling her under no circumstances unless the house was burning down should she come and interrupt my knitting in any way or form. Well she did to tell me the time! May I add I was fully aware of the time and that I'd be running late but I just wanted to finish that row! So once I came home from a knitting meetup I casted on again and got to row 8! I'm using SWTC Infinity and it's not really stretchy at all so it's hard to work with, but you get used to it.

I promise tomorrow will be back to somewhat regular blog posts complete with pictures! I found my camera finally. The mailman has brought me some new knitting books as well as soon my Harmony interchangables! SQQUEEEE I can't wait. I love the metal ones, but the wooden ones are much better for a lot of the yarns I work with like silk!

As for the surprise I'm still working on it and it will be revealed sooner or later I promise really. I haven't said a word to anyone yet. Can you guess what it is? If you guess correctly I'll send you a knitting treat. This is a mini contest and my first so it's a mini one for now since I'm so busy. I'll update tomorrow what the prize will be, so stay tuned. Oh yeah feel free to tell your friends :-D

PS I almost forgot Hogwarts Sock Swap Three is taking applications! Yay it's my second year to get info on how to apply go here. Sign ups are a bit slow right now, so hurry up before more people actually find out it's happening because if you are directly looking for it or on Harry Potter Lovers on Ravelry there wasn't any real promoting! Here take my firebolt.