Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Putting the new in new year

Yeah I couldn't think of a better fitting title, sorry about the cheese. I decided after finished the last eye cord strap for an everlasting bagstopper that I'd try something new. Now I have been thinking of trying entrelac for a while now because I have been drooling over the Entrelac socks that Eunny Jang designed a few issues back in Interweave Knits (spring 2007). I recalled that Julia (bloggless but she is on Ravelry Juliabca ) was knitting an entrelac garter stitch washcloth at a meetup for a holiday gift. It that looked great and she said it was easy to do. So using my google-fu because I forgot that it's easy to just use Ravelry I found Jimmy Crickets' Garterlac Dishcloth. So I casted on with the remainder of my Butterfly 10 in Midnight from the bagstopper and yes Julia you are right it's easy :-D