Saturday, September 15, 2007

Look what the owl has brought me!

I have been a bad blogger and swap partner lately. I’m sorry, school and life has been very busy and my downtime is very limited right now. I am keeping up with e-mails at least, so feel free to e-mail instead of posting comments if you prefer not to wait forever for a reply J

I have received my Hogwarts Sock Swap package from Celestina Trelawney (a.k.a. Yosemite). I love the socks and they are a perfect fit. We tried a Potions experiment together seeing if Soak would make a good itchy potion for those with sensitive skin and I ended up having to take them off right after trying them on and admiring them. I'll take a picture of me wearing them later on. I love the stitch markers as well, especially the ones with the cute daisies and stars! (you can see close-ups on my flickr page.) She also sent the same needles (Addi Lace circs size 2.50 mm US 1)and similar bookmark as I sent her! I wonder if the sorting hat was off the day that they sorted Celestina in Gryffindor because I think she has more Ravenclaw attributes! Due to my allergies and Celestina's hate of colour knitting we came up with using Elann Esprit's Caribbean Surf as a colourway with Ravenclaw colours in it. I love the pattern she used as well, it's Spirals; however the yarn is way too busy to show the neat spiraling. Thank you so much for a fantastic swap Yosemite and I hope we both pass our Owls to attend Hogwarts to enter as second years!