Saturday, November 3, 2007

CPH Progress

So the pictures of my Central Park Hoodie where taken the first day of November and I've progressed a lot since then. I have completed 12 inches so far and that's working the body all in one piece, so I'm almost at the point where I have to knit the front panels and back in separately. I did the math and I'm almost at the target amount of stitches for the sweater, wow. Great progress for being day 3 of NaKniSweMo I just need to keep this pace up and I'll have a sweater in a week or two!

Here's the math:
12' at 23 rows per inch = 12*23
Total amount of rows = 276 rows
276 rows at 178 sts. per row = 276*178
Total amount of sts. knitted so far = 49, 128 sts!!!!

Three days of knitting and I'm doing good. I'm amazed at how fast this sweater is knitting up. It must be that I'm used to knitting on my Cables and Os cardi and it's taken forever on small needles with DK weight yarn. I'm loving my CPH so far and can't wait till it's done.

Sadly my camera is on another international trip without me! I sent His Tallest and my camera off to China for a three week business trip. I'm hoping that he gets time to visit the Forbidden City and take pictures and bring back a terra cotta soldier for me! I've always wanted to visit there and I'm slightly jealous -- ok seriously very jealous that he might get a chance to go if work doesn't work him to death there.

Oh this is another thing that came in the mail. I'm so excited it's my copy of Cat Bordhi's new book! I've promised myself that I have to finished my CPH and my ISE pal's scarf before I can dive into this book. I also got the toe-up book that I talked about in my post about toe-up socks which are also on hold *sigh* It will be a while till I get to knit on those again, I know I said no Holiday knitting for me; however I have a friend who would be a happy recipient of hand knitted socks and completely cherish them. He is a male friend; however he is the opposite body shape and height as His Tallest so no elephant length socks for him! I can't forget I also have to do some shopping to complete my Coffee Swap Pal's package and start on my Ravelry Cup O' Tea swaps package. Then after all my current swaps are done I swear there will be no swaps till the Loopy Ewe Swap, which is in progress as I type but the deadline is in Feb. Okay enought of that. Happy Knitting everyone!

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