Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Knitter's Tea Swap Package arrived

Thanks Susan for such a wonderful package!! I appreciate the time you spent researching for things for me and spoiling me rotten! :-D

In my package there was some yummy Black and Green's dark chocolate mint cookies, alas they were butter cookies (I'm allergic to lactose, not your fault Susan I even pick up items that I find out later I can't eat!) and my daughter was the happy recipient of all but one that I ate. I regreted eating it later, but it was worth it so tasty :-D Also there was pear green tea mints, how did you know I've been debating trying them and hadn't given in yet. They just as yummy as I thought the would be I'm hooked! The ginger apple chews were delicious and didn't last long I LOVE ginger. Another item in this package was a box of soft maple sugar in the cutest shapes that I almost don't want to put them in my tea.

Onto the teas! There is a cream earl grey, peony white tea, maple tea, sencha fuji, Russian Caravan Popoff and ginger honey crystals. I can't wait to try all the teas, I've been mostly having the ginger honey crystals though because they are the perfect thing to help with my evil allergy symptoms and yet another cold I'm fighting! Opps I forgot the best part beside tasty tea and ginger, flowering teas! I can't wait to try them I love flowering teas; there is Flower Fairy (Jasmine & Lily) and Scent of Orange Osmanthus (Osmanthus and Lily).

Lastly there's the yarn! It's so pretty and soft! It's Berroco Bonsai in a deep purple, it's so pretty I've been petting it for a while.

Once again thanks Susan my thoughts are with you and I hope you enjoy your package as much as I've enjoyed mine!