Thursday, November 8, 2007

More NaKniSweMo Progress on the CPH

I just popped over to the Central Park Hoodie KAL v 2.0 and saw that Interweave is no longer selling the Fall 2006 issue of Knitscene! I am so happy that I bought a back issue a few months ago instead of waiting. It is sad that they do not plan to make more copies of this issue and there are still lots of knitters out there who want to knit the CPH and didn't order a back issue yet. The designer Heather Lodinsky has asked that those who want to order either a back issue of the magazine or even a copy of the CPH pattern via PDF to send any requests directly to Interweave due to the fact that they own the copyright. Click here for Interweave Press' contact info.

Here's a shot of my progress a few days ago, due to my camera being in China with His Tallest I don't have any up-to-date progress pictures. I have now completed the back piece, and the front right piece. I just have to finish the front left panel from the beginning of the armhole to shoulder shaping, the sleeves, hood and front ribbing. I'm definitely knit the sleeves in the round using magic loop; however they will be knit one sleeve at a time though. I'm now deciding buttons, wooden toggles or zipper. I am leaning towards the wooden toggles and using crochet or eye cord fastenings instead of making button holes. I love the way that would look. What do you all think? Oh and the cute little monkey is from my Monkey Sock Swap Pal, clicky here to see details of my package. He and the rest of the package came all the way from the U.K.