Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The waiting game

So unless you have been hiding from the online knitting community and not reading any blogs out there in knitting land you will not have heard of the fantastic site called Ravelry. I had seen things about it for months, but didn't decide to sign up for the waiting list till June and there are thousands of knitters awaiting to get their invite as well. Now they have a wonderful new feature for those awaiting their invites. So here's what it told me

You signed up on June 6, 2007
You are #7311 on the list
1399 people are ahead of you in line
11027 people(and counting because I checked it later and it when up) are behind you in line
31% of the list have been invited so far

Yay there are only 1399 people ahead of me, boo only 100 invites go out per day or more. Seems like by the time I get my invite Ravelry will be live and no longer in beta. I hope beta testers don't get some thing special or whatever because I'll hit myself for not signing up sooner than I did.