Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sockapalooza Socks received

I got my Sockapalooza socks yesterday in the mail! My camera is currently loaned out to one of His Tallest's co-workers and on vacation in Germany, so I'll have to take pictures later. They are a lovely aqua blue ankle socks made of out Cascade Fixation. Pictures to come when my camera comes home from its vacation :-D I miss my camera especially because I can't add pictures of my growing stash on Ravelry nor take pics of my FOs and WIPs

I wanted to say thanks so much to Barb for surviving knitting for someone who has animal fiber allergies and not involving acrylic (makes my feet very unhappy burn and peel -- acrylic that is!) She experienced that listening to a yarn store worker that there is no wool in cotton sock yarn doesn't mean there is no wool in that "cotton" sock yarn and that they haven't read or learned from Yarn Harlot's lesson of the very itchy cotton socks. I always have to read label for anything I eat or any fiber I use; however I had years of training because my dad was a diabetic and you have to look over ingredients labels very carefully. Also thank you for tackling knitting socks with Cascade Fixation for the first time, it can be tricky and takes a little bit to get used to. I like Cascade though it make a nice warm thicker cotton sock when knitted with the right tension for the winter.

Speaking of allergies, I begin my first round of allergy shots today, wish me luck!