Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gulf Islands here we come

So I'm getting ready to go to our cabin on Galiano for the long weekend and won't be back till late Monday night. Since our boat is not in the water due some moron stealing the rudder and some maintenance needing to be done, we have to hike to the Point that our cabin is on. It's a strenuous hike on a logging road with nasty switchbacks and it takes me around 45 minutes to an hour depending on the weather and stuff. So I can't really pack the all the knitting I want to *sigh*. I did pack some light knitting in the form of two balls of Cascade Fixation for plain old stockinette socks without a pattern. I want to pack my cables and os cardi to knit on the ferry, but then I'd have to pack it in and back out again.

Here's what I have on the needles. I started to make Fetching, I have one almost done (just need to weave in the ends) and I'll probably work on the second one on the ferry or at the cabin. I used a ball of Rowan Calmer in Denim and it looks like I'll have enough left over to make another pair! I have my Cables and Os cardi that I haven't worked on all week since I've been working on other projects. I knit up then frogged a pair of Monkey socks for my monkey sock swap pal in Panda Cotton. There was a few holes where I picked up the gussets stitches and I didn't notice till I was near the toe *arrgg* Still slowly working on the Montego Bay scarf and my Ravenclaw house scarf is in hibernation for now.

I did finished my Hogwarts Sock Swap Pals socks and they will remain a secret till she has received them! A friend tried to take them home with him and hinted he'd love to have a pair like it in those fantastic (Gryffindor) colours. Lol he even liked the lace pattern, I wonder what his girlfriend would think of that and I should really teach her to knit so she can make him some socks!

My camera is coming back from it's vacation to Germany, I hope that it comes with treats :-D So the days I'm not at school (I'm going 3 days a week), I'll be taken photos and adding the rest of my stash on Ravelry (I'm nosheep4chelle). Happy Knitting and enjoy the long weekend!