Thursday, August 2, 2007

VVS package received

I received my Virtual Vacation Swap package today. My virtual vacation was to Lexington, Kentucky! I *big grin* was right, see here's my guess after her first and only clue!

The treats in the package that Kentucky is known for was a little bottle of Maker's Mark sauce and tasty dark chocolate-covered bourbon cherries. They were yummy and I can't wait to try the sauce out. There was also a postcard of a mural that is on a water tower in Lexington, KY that has a field with horses on it, a cute stuffed Kentucky Derby horse (mini-me has been trying to claim it as hers and Maylee has been giving it kisses), tourist brochure for Lexington and two magnets -- one is a Wildcats (U of Kentucky) one and a state of Kentucky one with their tree, bird, flag and capital. There was a Market Bag pattern including in the package as well to help me use some of the balls of yarn I may want to use up.

Thanks so much Magic Knitter!! The package was fantastic especially the beautiful yarn you spun! Inside my package I found some yummy yarn, but my favourite by far is the Knitting Magic Girl Studios 100% soysilk, it's a lovely multi-coloured heavy worsted weight/bulky in pretty blues, greens, and purples it's so soft that mini-me and I have been petting it since it arrived.
And more yarn!! I found a hank of Banana fiber in a pretty kelly green (one of my favourite shades of green, how did you know?)A ball of SWTC's Pure soysilk in a pretty red and black colourway, I really like colourway as well. I don't have the package in front of me right now so I don't know the colourway name/number.
Two balls of Panda Cotton in Nightlights, it's one of the very few colourways of my favourite Panda Cotton that I don't have in my stash, thanks. I almost put it in my cart when I made my most recent purchase over at the Loopy Ewe (BTW Sheri has Handmaiden sea silk, yum I used my $25.00 off and got another hank). I wasn't quite sure if I'd like Nightlights, but now that I see it in person it is on my top 10 list!

Last but not least a ball of SWTC's A-MAIZ-ing multi yarn. It's 100% corn fiber! I really wanted to try this yarn as well. The colourway is in Aidan and it reminds me of the lovely ball of bamboo yarn that papermonkey sent me for SPLJ 3. EDIT: Papermonkey has knitting blog, silly me Both are so beautiful multi-coloured blues and whites that remind me of the ocean.
Thanks you again Magic Knitter, I think I hurt my family's ears with the squees. You rock! Also thanks for including Rabelle's card, she told me that they carry a lot of vegan yarns and to call them to see if they can ship some of these yummy yarns that I have trouble getting here.

I don't know why Vancouver and it's surrounding areas have a lack of vegan yarn selection considering we have a huge amount of vegans here. I'm forever meeting yarn store owners and workers who look at me as if I asked for Red Heart not Panda Cotton or they try to persuade me that I can't be allergic to animal fibers! I have found Two Bags Full to be pretty good and they are always bringing in more yarns, so I'm hoping the more I go and talk to the owner, Francesca(I think that's her name, if not I'm sooo sorry) the more vegan yarn I'll find.

Wow I'm all tired from this virtual travelling, so once again thank you Magic Knitter for making my yarn I want to get my hands on to try list much, much shorter. I can't wait to find patterns to compliment these yarns.